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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Catchin up/update

It's been more than a month since I've posted anything. That is a good indication of how my life has been. Crazy and beyond crazy, it seems. The Philosophy class (Creative and Critical Thinking) is more work than I thought it would be. (I mean, how difficult could Philosophy be anyway?!) Just a few more weeks of community college! I may have to take one or two more classes so that I can start at PSU as a Jr., instead of a Soph., but that's do-able.
This month, I have discovered that it doesn't matter how much planning a person can do, God always has much better ideas! When I started to plan the move to Oregon, I had 4 "game plans" on how to get the girls, myself and our things to Oregon. About a month ago, I posted a prayer request on facebook. One of the prayers was someone with a pickup and/or trailer to move us, so I didn't have to drive a UHaul. A friend from church comes to me saying "my mom lives in Portland, and I have to go out in June to pick up some antique furniture of hers. They are moving her to an assisted living facility. I'll have an empty trailer going out, you are welcome to fill it."
Cool! Now all I have to do is pack the car, and drive the 3 days with the girls, right? Wrong. In order to register a vehicle in Oregon, it has to pass an emissions test. The "check engine" light cannot be on, in order to pass this test. I brought my car to the mechanic to replace the Oxygen sensor, which I had been told was the reason for the check engine light. He comes back and says it's the catalytic converter that is affecting the Oxygen sensors. One thing leads to another, and the grand total to bring my car up to Oregon standards is $3k to 4k. After a few hours of frustration, God speaks to me through Terry, saying "God is blessing you by not having you on the road with the girls, and breaking down in the middle of UT or WY." The decision has been made to sell or scrap the car here, fly to OR (instead of drive) and buy a car when I get to OR for what it would cost to repair the one here.
Even the "fly to OR" plan has shifted some. I had planned on flying out of Omaha, since it is usually cheaper. Guess again! Out of curiosity, I thought I'd check flights out of Lincoln...maybe there will be a sale, since they have just added a couple of new routes. God has moved again! There was one flight available at a much lower rate than the others in the 3-day frame I was looking at. I really shouldn't be shocked, but it was Sunday night, which is the time-frame I was really wanting to be on. To fly the 3 of us was $5 cheaper than driving to Omaha.
The only thing I need now is an address!
Now it's down to packing and purging. It's amazing how much stuff can accumulate over 10 years. Found a tote of baby clothes in the garage...and the baby of the family is 12! Jaydee went through those and separated the good from the bad. We will be donating some to Goodwill, and the rest will go to a family friend. I think it is finally warm enough to pack away the winter items. The Southwood Youth Group has a garage sale scheduled for May 23. I'll be donating some things there. The rest will be "donated, dumped or packed," over the next few weeks.
Also on the "to-do" list is to hire and train my replacement at work. I never realized how hard it is to write down everything you do on a daily basis. Most often than not, I do things without thinking about the step-by-step how-to process.
I'm sure I'm forgetting somethings which have happened over the last month. But these were the big ones, so to speak.

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