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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Taking a breather

Coming up for air, really. Classes for the quarter finished last Thursday. I finally got around to checking my grades, last night. My overall GPA is 3.70. There is a D+ in there that won't transfer for credits, which should increase the GPA some. I'll know exactly where I stand with classes and such in about a month. (First, I need to schedule my appointment with PSU admissions office.)

The packing is coming along slowly. Two weeks ago, I cleaned out the majority of the garage. I ran out of time (and energy) as the sun was setting and it's really creepy out there after dark, even with a light on. Jaydee is really being a great help. She can pack more into a box or tote than I ever could, without breaking anything. She even has a white board with a listing of how many boxes are in the garage, empty, half full (or empty...however you look at it! lol) and how many need resorting.

We have found a home for the ferret. Another worry that has been taken care of...and my car has been sold to a friend whose car is worse off than mine. As it turns out God really does know what he is doing. My friend has a co-worker who is buying her car from her, as their car is completely out of commission. The adage of "one man's trash is another man's treasure" certainly fits here!

As for work, we have found my replacement, and I am training her. It turns out our daughters are friends! I am not sure if we had just not met, or I simply didn't remember meeting. She mentioned her 12 year old daughter, who attended the same school as Kendra. That is how we made the connection.

Speaking of Kendra, I have only seen her for about 48 hours since school let out. Before anyone gets any crazy ideas that I have lost her, she is taking advantage of being able to spend time with friends and family. The first night out of school, she spent at a friends. I picked her up there, took her home long enough to pack for a week. Joe and Angela (with Jacob) picked the girls up to spend time at their place, before we moved. Last Friday, I met Angela in David City to pick Kendra up. She was home long enough to wash her laundry and re-pack; this time for a week at camp. Sunday afternoon that's where we were off to. I pick her up this Friday, just in time for the Gatewood family reunion on Saturday.

Jaydee has been hanging out with friends whenever she can, too. Due to already scheduled appointments, she was only able to spend the weekend at Joe's. Then she ended up with Tonsilitis, and on antibiotics. Oh the joys of summer! (Thank God it wasn't e-coli or the Swine flu.)

...had to go back to the last posting to see what I've updated and haven't...
Oh I do have an address to move to! To help the girls get an idea of what it will look like, I printed off copies of the floor plan. Kendra looks at it and says "this thing on the living room that a tv?" I had to tell her it was a fireplace. We'll be on the third floor, and will have a balcony. The balcony faces Mt. Talbert, and as long as a tree is not in the middle of the view, we should be able to see the peak.

Over the next few weeks we will be making a lot of changes and adjustments. As soon as we are somewhat settled in, I'll post some pictures of the new place (and the view!) For sanity purposes, cable and internet will be set up on the same day we move in. As anyone who has moved knows, settling in and being ready are two entirely different things.

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Sounds like Jaydee is being a big help.

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