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The Great Commission "Go out and make disciples of all nations."

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Looking back, moving forward

Counting Blessings:
God blesses me every day.  Sadly, I don't thank Him enough.
-a roof over my head
-a soft, warm bed
-running, clean water
-food in the cupboards
-a loving family

2011 Accomplishments:
-Leader status with Weight Watchers
-Appointed to the Creator Lutheran Church Council
-Trip to Nebraska (without any one of the 4 being injured by one of the other 3.)
-A ring, a date and a plan :))
-Receptionist of the Year Award (for our Weight Watchers Territory)

2012 Goals:
-Marry the man who makes my heart sing
-Use my God given talents to change another's life.
-Hug my kids more often
-Play tourist more often, in my own state.
-Save up for a new car...better yet, WIN one!

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